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Ellen Malenas Ledoux
Armitage Hall, Fourth Floor
311 North 5th St.
Camden NJ 08102
Phone: 856-225-2997
Fax: 856-225-2873

Women's and Gender Studies

Statement from members of the Rutgers University-Camden Faculty in support of our LGBTQ students

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Women’s & Gender Studies is an undergraduate interdisciplinary program for students who wish to explore gender and sexuality as social constructions that shape our thoughts, values, institutions, and relationships. Connected to this study is an investigation of how other social categories – especially race and class — affect our daily experience. In other words, although Women’s & Gender Studies often concentrates on women’s lives and contributions, it is not only for and about women.  Women’s & Gender Studies also analyzes how all of us exist within a complex web of privileges and social inequalities and seeks to improve those injustices. 

MINOR: The Women’s & Gender Studies minor is available to undergraduates pursuing any major. Students take 18 credits in courses related to women, sexuality and/or gender, including the required courses: “Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies” and the “Senior Seminar in Women’s & Gender Studies.” Students also take elective courses, such as:

  • Women in Art
  • Philosophy of Sex, Gender & Sexuality
  • Language, Power & Politics
  • Gender in Music
  • Introduction to LGBTQ Histories
  • Women in Literature
  • Gender, Crime & Justice.

MAJOR: A student-designed major in Women’s & Gender Studies is possible in consultation with the program director.  

Declare the minor at any time by downloading the form and turning it in to the Registrar (first floor in Armitage Hall) or to the Office of Academic Advising (311 Cooper Street). Click here for information about courses required and eligible for the minor.

Click here for scholarships and grants available for women.