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Checklist for Minors

Revised 10/2012


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DepartmentRequired (6 Credits)CreditsSem./Yr. Taken
50:988:201  Introduction to Women’s Studies    
50:988:441 Senior Seminar in WS    

Electives (1 credits, at least 6 of which must be from the 300 level or above, but no more than 6 electives can be from any one discipline.)

Students choose from among the following courses or from approved special topics courses offered each semester:

DepartmentRequired (6 Credits)CreditsSem./Yr. Taken
50:070:308 Childhood and Culture    
50:070:340 Women, Men and Culture    
50:070:345 Immigration and Families    
Art History
50:082:302 Women and Art    
50:120:106 Human Reproduction and Development    
Criminal Justice
50:202:303 Gender, Crime and Justice    
50:202:330 Social Justice in Film    
50:202:340 Victimology    
50:202:342 Domestic Violence    
50:350:319 Gothic Writing    
50:350:321 Eighteenth-Century Literature    
50:350:360 Literature of Childhood    
50:350:377 Literature and Sexuality    
50:350:388 Women in Literature    
50:352:347 The American Child in Literature    
50:510:370 Women in Modern Europe    
50:512:336 America in the 1950’s    
50:512:338 America in the 1960’s    
50:512:370 Women in American History    
50:512:371 History of Childhood in America    
50:615:225 Language, Class, and Culture    
50:615:241 Language, Power, and Politics    
50:700:305 Gender in Music    
50:730:327 Philosophy of Sex, Gender and Sexuality    
Political Science
50:790:356 Women in Politics    
50:830:203 The Psychology of Minority Groups    
50:830:206 Psychology of Marriage and the Family    
50:830:226  Psychology of Childhood    
50:830:303 Psychology of Women    
50:830:305 Psychology of Human Sexuality    
50:830:306 Human Emotions    
50:830:326 Psychology of Adolescence    
50:830:328 Psychology of Aging    
50:840:330 Women and Religion    
50:840:340 Family Ethics    
50:920:306 Sociology of the Family    
50:920:323 Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence    
50:920:329 Law and Society    
50:920:337 Women and Men in Society    
50:920:357 Individual and Society    
50:920:431 Sociology of Work and Careers    
50:920:438 Sociology of Aging    
50:920:440 Sexuality and Society    
Women’s and Gender Studies
50:988:299 Special Topics in WGS    
50:988:491/2 Special Topics in WGS    
50:988:495/6 Independent Study in WGS