The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is geared to students who wish to explore historical and contemporary themes surrounding women, gender, and sexuality, explore intersections of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation with other identity categories including race and class, and engage in activism, research, and creative works on interdisciplinary topics using gender and sexuality as analytical categories. Students will be equipped to situate women, gender, and sexuality studies across disciplines.

The program seeks to achieve four learning goals.

Upon completion of the major in Women, Gender and Sexuality, students should be able to:

  1. Acquire broad knowledge of major historical and contemporary themes in the study of women, gender, and sexuality.
  2. Examine and discuss gender and sexuality as categories that intersect with other relations of power and difference, such as race and class.
  3. Locate, evaluate, and analyze information in more than one discipline using gender and sexuality as analytical categories and use findings to advocate orally, digitally, and in writing.
  4. Work independently and collectively in advocacy, creative works, research, or problem solving in the interdisciplinary field of women, gender, and sexuality.