The Women’s & Gender Studies minor is available to undergraduates pursuing any major. To declare a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies:

  1. Download and complete the Women’s & Gender Studies Minor Form
  2. Email form to program director, Dr. Gail A. Caputo

Minor Requirements

As a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies, students take courses related to women, gender and/or sexuality, including two required courses and four elective courses for a total of 18 credits.

Please note at least 6 elective credits must be at the 300-level or above, and students cannot take more than 6 credits within any particular course code, e.g. 350 English, 352 American Literature, 510 History, 830 Psychology, etc.

Use the Checklist for Minors to help you keep track of your courses.

Required Courses

Students must take the following two required courses (six credits):

Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies (three credits)
This course is an introduction to the study of women as a diverse social group with a history, culture, and experience of their own, and is also the study of gender as a category of social, cultural, and economic organization. The course applies an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach incorporating race, class, and ethnicity, as well as gender analysis; and places an emphasis on contemporary issues pertaining to women, including feminism and anti-feminism, work, sexuality, family relations, reproduction, and politics.

Senior Seminar in Women’s & Gender Studies (three credits)
This course consists of cross-discipline readings and discussions about women, gender, race, class and sexuality and serves as a capstone course for the minor once students have completed a total of 15 credits of Women’s & Gender Studies course work.

Elective Courses

In addition, students must also complete four elective courses for 12 credits from among the offerings in Women’s and Gender Studies or other approved programs.