It will forever change the way you envision the world.

Women’s & Gender Studies investigates the world through the lens of intersectionality. Through this lens, students explore the ways in which systematic oppressions such as racism, sexism, ableism, and heterosexism intersect with one another. Women’s & Gender Studies allows students to then challenge these intersecting oppressions and to think creatively about how to overcome them – thus helping to create a world that is a just and equal place for all!

It applies to…everything.

Women’s & Gender Studies is about studying political science, history, literature, art, biology, psychology, economics, anthropology (and more) and asking questions such as: how do gender stereotypes affect politics? How is gender portrayed in the media? In what ways are women funneled into ‘pink collar’ jobs? In other words, it is about applying a gender and sexuality perspective to many different academic disciplines

It prepares you for employment in a wide-range of fields.

Women’s & Gender Studies students take courses in a variety of disciplines and are therefore prepared for a myriad of employment opportunities. Students can take what they have learned in Women’s & Gender Studies courses and apply it to any job – because with a Women’s & Gender Studies degree, it’s not just about what job you do, but how you go about doing it.

Careers in Women’s & Gender Studies

Women’s & Gender Studies graduates are articulate, creative, compassionate, analytical, persuasive, and visionary. Their studies prepare them to work in a variety of fields, such as:

Arts & Media
creative writers, journalists, museum curators, painters, photographers, filmmakers

corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, human resource managers

historians, librarians, teachers, professors

Criminal Justice
police officers, probation and parole officers, jail and prison workers, treatment providers

Health Care
counselors, social workers, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, occupational therapists

Military & Civil Service
military officers, foreign service officers, police officers

Politics & Activism
community organizers, directors of non-profit or non-governmental organizations, lawyers, legislators